Top Gear: Trucking in Burma

When Asia Film Fixers’ founder, Terry Gordon, received the call from producers at the BBC in London, requesting to attend a meeting in Yangon, Myanmar, he knew there was a huge opportunity on the way. Once the normal greeting formalities were completed, the producers revealed that they wanted Asia Film Fixers to provide production support, location management and fixing for their season 21 Top Gear Special – it took Terry less than a heart-beat to agree. This was the opportunity and challenging project that Asia Film Fixers had been working towards.

With fantastic support from our local partners in Myanmar – Khiri Travel – Terry provided pre-production and shoot support to Top Gear for a period of two and a half months. Immersing himself in the requirements of the job and ensuring that all possible planning and contingencies had been put into place. Once the crew arrived, and the caravan of 16 vehicles and 40 crew hit the road, there was no time to rest. With spontaneous requests from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, Terry and his team kept up with their needs as well as that of the production and crew. Andy Wilman the Executive Producer stated in a preview of Top Gear series 21 that this special was by far the most difficult challenge and most satisfying – Asia Film Fixers were honoured to have been apart of the team that put this special together. A real success for all involved.

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