Filming in Laos

Laos is a landlocked country situated between Thailand, China and Vietnam. Laos is known for its lush forests and jungles, tropical landscapes, hot springs and vast rivers. Vientiane, the French inspired capital of Laos is known for its many temples and street markets. Others great locations are Luang Prabang in the North, Vang Vieng in Central Laos and Pakse in the South known for its herbal saunas and seafood.

Our Footprint

Our freelance team in Laos spends the majority of their time working in international tourism operations. We carefully select local Laotian English speaking tour guide talent, and provide them with the necessary skills and experience to manage small crew productions. Our expatriate management team travels to Laos regularly and will provide additional production support should our clients require Asia Film Fixers to provide a larger scope of work.


Permits in Laos take 3 to 4 weeks to process. The application process requires all documentation to be translated and submitted to the central government departments who issue the filming permits. Asia Film Fixers will facilitate the entire process on your productions behalf. Please note the Laos is NOT a Carnet signatory. Asia Film Fixers will liaise directly with DPR Laos Customs department to arrange the temporary import of your equipment.

Recent Productions

Asia Film Fixers provided production service support to Disney travel documentary series ‘Adventures by Disney’ in Vientiane and Luang Prabang. Much of Laos is untouched and film crews always enjoy to be ‘the first’ to film in locations that we provide.

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