Filming in Indonesia

Indonesia is comprised with over 17,000 islands across a vast archipelago. Indonesia is one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world with 60% of the country forested.

Locations such as Bali, Java, Kalimantan(Borneo), Irian Jaya, Lombok, Sulawesi, Sumatra and Nusa Tennggara offer a mix of pristine beaches, tropical rainforests, underwater photography, palm forests, terraced rice fields, volcanoes and a wide variety of biodiversity including orangutans, clouded leopards, Komodo dragon plus many more.

Our Footprint

Through our local joint venture partners at Khiri Travel, we have two offices in Indonesia – Jakarta and Denpasar, Bali. Our local Indonesian teams have a vast network of contacts across every major Island in the Indonesian archipelago. With a total of 35 staff at our disposal, Asia Film Fixers can support any size shoot in Indonesia.


Filming permits for Indonesia are acquired through your local Indonesian consulate or embassy. The process can take up to 8 weeks. During the process you nominate your chosen production partner on the application form provided to you by the consulate/embassy officials.

Recent Productions

Our Bali based team recently provided production support, logistics and talent management to the Netflix series ‘Extreme Engagement’. A reality based documentary series where an engaged couple travels the world for a year to explore marriage customs in diverse cultures.

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