profile-amandaAmanda’s work, interests, life and personality inevitably led her to Asia Film Fixer. Her great-grandfather was Don Lee, the man that Mount Lee – where the Hollywood sign sits – is named after. She has also lived an exotic life: Born in Tripoli, Libya and schooled in Hong Kong, where her enduring love of Asia began, she gained a journalism degree in Sydney and has since worked in marketing in LA, Thailand, Brazil, Hong Kong and Australia.
After eight years with 20th Century Fox in Australia, Amanda has a great interest in all things entertainment. But more crucially, she knows the industry and how it works. During her time at Fox, she earned a broad and deep understanding of the immediacy and fluidity of the business – the day-to-day pressures of film production and marketing, revenue management and reporting, of managing major movie stars and major movie releases.

Amanda now lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where she met Asia Film Fixer founder and partner, Terry Gordon. This is a highly complementary partnership that now extends to a dynamic location management and film fixing offer across Asia.