If your budget does not allow you to bring your favourite crew member or equipment on the shoot, let us help you round out your team. We can source professional and experienced crew and find you the best possible equipment available. We also have access to full production/post-production facilities if you need it.

Drones & Fly-cams:We can now supply not only remote-controlled heli-cams/drones, but also the national filming permits to allow you to achieve your production goals. You can reduce your production costs and hassle on rotary aircraft by taking advantage of these lightweight and agile remote control platforms. 

Drone Permits – we work with the national filming and press office authorities to get the up to date rules and regulations, as well as apply for filming permissions for use of drone/fly-cam platforms. We work closely with all government organizations to ensure your team/crew capture the shots you require, without any hassle or issues.